Futura - Open Fronted Storage Boxes


Models and dimensions

The new and exclusive line of storage boxes

  • optimal view and easy access to contents
  • large grips at the front and back for easy handling
  • dimensionally stable
  • resistant to nearly all acids and oils
  • excellent temperature stability (-20° to +80°C)
  • the new Futura boxes are compatible with the Systembox and Classicbox lines

Standard colours: blue, red, yellow and green.

Futura - plastic box


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The Futura box has a completely smooth and rounded off interior which allows quick and careful cleaning.


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The sidewalls are drawn inwards at the grip opening so that the Futura box can optimally be filled.


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The recessed grip at the back of the box facilitates transportation; in addition the Futura box can be attached to wall and shelf bars.


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The wide and ergonomic opening allows easy removal of stored material.


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With its stable arbors on the long sides, the Futura box guarantees a stacking load which is unequalled.


Transparent dust cover.