Models and dimensions

The robust box (container)

Newbox - plastic container Newbox - plastic container



  • The basic structure of the containers is a frame construction on the basis of two standard measurements. Because of a multitude of sizes and versions this container type can be used in many different fields.
  • Robust walls - strengthened by ribs – give excellent mechanical characteristics to the box for transport and stacking.
  • resistant to nearly all acids and oils
  • excellent temperature stability (-20° to +80°C)
  • manufactured from recyclable material



Standard colour: grey.
Other colours on request

Reinforced base, suitable for the transport of heavy parts.
A small ridge in the reinforced base levels out the unavoidable deflection of the base in case of high lumped load.

Perforated base

The Newbox containers are equipped with different handle options in order to provide optimal grip according to model and type of application.

Hand hole grip

Closed hand hole grip

Recessed grip

On request, the containers of the Newbox series can be produced to individual requirements with embossed logograms or texts.

On request, the Newbox container series can also be produced individually by hot pressing.