Products in Plastic - the right solution for every requirement

Plastic containers, storage boxes, shelving, storage bins and floor mats provide many ways of making the most of the available space in the workplace, from the smallest company to the biggest warehouse. Functionality, stability, clarity and flexibility are just some of the advantages of planning your equipment strategy around plastic. Our baby range plastic products are elegant, easy to clean and durable. The finish, colour and style of our baby products are as individual as any child, the choice is up to you. Nevertheless, all of our products have one thing in common: the high-quality processing of specially selected plastic materials. Perfect presentation is just as essential in promoting sales of your products as a well-conceived marketing strategy. We have developed the right equipment to help you present your products, from sales stands to product and marketing displays. With many years of experience, modern technology and a spirit for innovation, we  guarantee the high production quality you are accustomed to. Technical expertise, high product quality and adaptability to individual requirements are the basic principles behind maintaining health and safety standards in the workplace. That's why you'll find our range offers a large selection of top quality plastic protective equipment including helmets, face protection, ear protection and protective glasses to keep your workforce safe.